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Visca Orxata

Marilyn Brewer Community Space | Packaged Goods

We bring Valencia, Spain and sun, sea, and orange trees to Toronto. Making authentic Spanish food, our reason for wanting to join this festival is for our concentrated tigernut Horchata. A sweet, earthy, and refreshing drink from Spain, its concentrate is the quickest, most consistent, and most economical way to make it. With denomination of origin Valenciana tigernuts (where they’ve been grown for 1000 years), this concentrate has the best tigernuts in the world, over 10% vegetable fat in it (making it a concentrate as opposed to being condensed) and is made by a company that is over 120 years old. Not just Horchata. We use the concentrate to make the creamiest dairy-free ice cream. It can also be used in baking recipes etc, and the Horchata can be used to make fantastic cocktails; tigernuts pair well with so many foods.