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Sweet Teeth Vegan

Lakeview Food Trucks | Bakery/Ice Cream

Sweetteeth Vegan Gourmet Gluten-free Waffles covered in fresh fruit and a scoop of vegan soft serve

Sweet Teeth Vegan is a creation of vegan advocate, lover of animals, and frozen confection artist Cameron Tooth. Bringing sweet smiles to their customers, their mission is to change the way that people think about desserts. They specialize in gourmet gluten-free waffles, covered in glorious fresh fruit and healthy toppings, and their own special vegan softserve.

Pick up a delicious organic vegan frozen confection at the 33rd annual Veg Food Fest, packaged in single serving and take home containers. Most of all, don’t forget to have a sweet weekend at the 33rd annual Toronto Veg Food Fest!