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Rok Cork

South Exhibition Commons | Clothing

“Rok Cork is a lifestyle brand taking Cork fashion to another level. With premium quality materials, Made in Portugal craftsmanship, and highly functional interior details, our vegan and sustainable cork handbags and accessories have been inspired by nature and strong independent individuals who want to make a difference in our planet and the lives of the artisans who craft our products.

Sustainability is an integral part of Rok Cork’s vision and values. Our products are manufactured using CORK, a natural and renewable resource which regenerates itself every 9 years, not requiring any deforestation, but simply careful harvesting of the bark. Our Cork and all materials used in our products are locally sourced in Portugal, the world’s largest exporter of Cork, the industry is government regulated. We work with small family-run factories that engage in production methods that minimize the negative impact on the environment. Mostly handcrafted, only machine-assisted where required, giving true meaning to artisan-made and quality over quantity. We currently sustain the livelihood of 14 families, their employment conditions are stipulated and regulated by local government entities and must be strictly adhered to. We want to foster a community and culture that engages and attracts people who want to make a difference by offering high-quality Cork products that provide longevity of wear and tear, are renewable and biodegradable, unlike so-called Vegan Leathers on the market which are PU/PVC based and ladled with toxins/harsh chemicals, harmful for the planet and all living beings.”