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Crazy D’s Prebiotic Soda Lab

Lakeview Market | Cafe/Restaurant

After 3 years in the depths of his Toronto-based soda lab, the elusive Crazy D has concocted a soda that’s not just better for you, it’s GOOD for you. Crazy D’s Prebiotic Sodas embody the fun, fizzy tasting beverages you grew up loving, but don’t be confused – these are healthy beverages – definitely NOT junk food. Driven by a newfound healthy lifestyle and overall crazy thirst, Crazy D found a way to cut out added sugar, infusing a hint of sweetness through the science of nature’s prebiotic root vegetables. These prebiotic root veggies stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria, which colonize our gut microflora, while assisting the body to properly absorb calcium and magnesium, among many other health benefits. Now that’s crazy!