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Veg Spring Market Vendors

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New To Veg Spring Market
Veg Spring Market ANU

Toronto-based produced premium Shea butter products that focus on naturally nourishing your skin. Following “The Way of Shea” is your simple, natural path to radiant skin.

Veg Spring Market Apiecalypse Now

Apiecalypse Now! |
Creating vegan sweet and savoury food that will satisfy anyone, vegan or otherwise.

Veg Spring Market Bolo Soup

Bolo Soup |
Small batch vegan hot and cold soups that you can eat on the spot, or take home in a reusable glass jar.

Veg Spring Market Chic Peas Veg

Chic Peas Veg |
Delicious catering, meal plans, cooking classes and pop-up brunches and dinners with an East African twist.

Veg Spring Market ChocoSol Traders

ChocoSol Traders |
Bean-to-bar artisanal chocolate maker in Toronto that uses organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao sourced directly from Indigenous communities in Southern Mexico.

Veg Spring Market Choose Life Foods

Choose Life Foods |
Vegan Jamaican patties using local, organic, and sustainable ingredients.

Veg Spring Market Crazy D Labs

Crazy D’s Prebiotic Soda Labs |
A soda that’s not just better for you, but good for you! Handcrafted in Toronto, their soda is all natural, low sugar, low acid soda’s loaded with flavors made from real, fresh ingredients that are good for your gut.

Veg Spring Market Culcherd

Culcherd |
Plant based dairy alternatives.

Veg Spring Market Dolled Up Desserts

Dolled Up Desserts |
Hamilton’s award winning gluten free and vegan, bakery and baking mix production company.

Veg Spring Market Everything Nice

Everything Nice |
Family run business that hand packages gourmet dehydrated meal kits including soups, rices, chilies and desserts. Each package only requires liquid and then cooked!

Veg Spring Market FAIR SQUARE

Online retail store for all products fair and vegan that are made in Canada.

Veg Spring Market Fauxmagerie Zengarry

Fauxmagerie Zengarry |
Award-winning fine cashew cheese made in Canada. Made in small batches with quality and local ingredients.

Veg Spring Market Fennel Vegan Eatery

Fennel Vegan Eatery |
A ‘hidden gem’ with delicious, homemade, healthy vegan foods with highest quality local and organic ingredients.

Veg Spring Market Homebody Collective

Homebody Collective |
Specialize in handmade home decor, like their handmade concrete planters that come with beautiful succulents and cacti. Beautify your space with mother nature’s offerings!

Veg Spring Market Humble Roots

Humble Roots |
Raw and baked vegan gluten-free, healthy, goodies that are created by two Holistic Nutritionists who share a passion for wholesome, organic recipes. Their treats will satisfy your sweet tooth and make your body happy too!

Veg Spring Market Humble Seedz

Humble Seedz |
Vegan cream cheeze made from cultured sunflower seeds! All are produced locally in the Orangeville area with seeds grown and packaged here in Canada.

Veg Spring Market Ital Vital

Ital Vital |
Amazing Caribbean vegan food made with love, fresh baked goods, and fresh blended juices!

Veg Spring Market Kallis Oils

Kallis Oils |
A shea and essential oil based body oil that hydrates and nourishes your skin with 100% natural ingredients.

Veg Spring Market Leafii

Leafii |
Leaf ‘leather’ accessories – all bags and wallets are made out of leaves!

Veg Spring Market Loon Kombucha

Loon Kombucha |
Brewed in Balderson, Ontario their unique flavours taste amazing and make you feel rejuvenated. Best of all, their bottles are refillable – save money and contribute to a more sustainable, healthy planet!

Veg Spring Market Maestro Vegan

Maestro Tea |
With a growing collection of herbal loose-leaf tea, each is formulated with holistic living in mind. Donations from each product supports Meagan’s Walk Charity Foundation. It’s tea that not only makes you feel good, but has a positive impact!

Veg Spring Market Mama Vegan

Mama Vegan |
#JustNuts cashew cheeses and #NoBees vegan honey – an ethical sweetener that harnesses the use of apples.

Veg Spring Market Molly Bs Gluten Free Kitchen

Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen |
Local, artisanal bakery lovingly making your vegan items in a dedicated gluten-free, nut-free facility – all non gmo and delicious!

Veg Spring Market Momtaz Soap

Momtaz Soap |
Vegan soap-makers that go back three generations!

Veg Spring Market Nanashake

Nanashake |
Canada’s premier vegan frozen desserts parlour, proudly offering up city’s tastiest handmade plant-powered, gluten-free, guilt-free treats.

Veg Spring Market Natures Basics by Ava

Natures Basics by Ava |
Vegan cosmetics that use clean, natural ingredients everyone can pronounce! A portion of all sales are also donated to non-profit animal sanctuaries.

Veg Spring Market Nolaa Granolaa

Nolaa Granolaa |
Niagara based handmade granola made by dehydrating and baking all of their fruits by hand.

Veg Spring Market Notorious VEG Baking Co

Notorious V.E.G.Baking Co. |
Vegan & organic baking company, with gluten free items too so everyone can enjoy!

Veg Spring Market Oat and Mill

Oat & Mill |
Vegan ice cream in fun flavours and atop hand dipped waffle cones!

Veg Spring Market Pastatucci

Pastatucci |
A variety of fresh pasta including grain free options, sauces, ravioli and pestos. All are made with local Ontario grown ingredients when possible.

Veg Spring Market Peas and Thank You

Peas + Thank You |
A veggie pop up offering up both sweet and savoury goodies throughout the GTA and Ontario!

Veg Spring Market Pierogi Me

Pierogi Me! |
Specializes in handmade pierogies! Locally made, served alongside vegan condiments.

Veg Spring Market Rescue Dogs

Rescue Dogs |
Canada’s first 100% vegan hot dog cart, founded in 2015 and serving handmade vegan street food ever since! A portion of every sale goes towards Ontario Animal Rescues.

Veg Spring Market Richer Earth Vegan Eats

Richer Earth Vegan Eats |
Better known as “REVE,” their meals cooked with real ingredients cater events, corporate lunches, and bring whole fresh foods to where you need them to be.

Veg Spring Market Sausage Party

Sausage Party |
Handcrafted sausages with 100% plant-based, quality Canadian ingredients that are served up in a party atmosphere!

Veg Spring Market Sea Shepherd Toronto

Sea Shepherd Toronto |
Established in 1977, their mission is to end the destruction of habitat and slaughter of wildlife in the world’s oceans in order to conserve and protect ecosystems and species.

Veg Spring Market Sitar Spices and Tea

Sitar Spices and Tea |
A proud supporter of small organic spiced farming, their fresh spices travel from India to create their spice mixes in Ontario. Each of their mixes are crafted in a traditional fashion, by roasting them individually.

Veg Spring Market Sudsatorium

An indie beauty brand bringing ‘Plant Power To The People’ with their range of ethically sourced organic vegan cosmetics. 5% of all proceeds are proudly donated to grassroots charities.

Veg Spring Market TC Tibetan Momo

TC Tibetan Momo |
MoMos, the delicious Tibetan version of dumpling, made with ingredients from local farmers and served homemade hot sauce and pickled cabbage.

Veg Spring Market Tiffinday

Tiffinday |
Artisan quality vegan curry stews, each one featuring plant based protein. As a certified B-Corporation, everything about their business is done with sustainability and fair wages in mind.

Veg Spring Market The Alma Project

The Alma Project |
A community-based project founded by Latin American women focused on providing others with wholesome plant based food and promoting body positivity.

Veg Spring Market Toast and Thyme

Toast + Thyme |
A plant-forward company founded in Toronto who is focused on sweet and savoury brunch fare. They specialize in toasts and tartines – hand crafted on house-baked artisanal sourdough, topped with locally sourced fresh ingredients.

Veg Spring Market Vegabond Foods

Vegabond Foods |
Energizing and natural vegan food products for athletes and all physically active people. Packed with proteins, among others nutritious ingredients, they’re the simple answer to where we are getting our protein from!

Veg Spring Market Vegan Stokes Cheese

Vegan Stokes Cheese |
Locally made vegan cashew-based and tofu-based artisan cheeses.

Veg Spring Market Wholly Greens

Wholly Greens |
Nut butters, pudding, no nut milk and bottled fresh fruit and vegetables juices ready for you to enjoy.

Veg Spring Market Wholly Veggie

Wholly Veggie |
A Canadian company striving to encourage vegetables as a convenient and delicious option! Their products offer a full serving of vegetables, like their veggie bites and vegan Cauliflower Pizza Crusts.

Veg Spring Market Wuxly Movement

Wuxly Movement |
Fall and Winter Outerwear that is made in Canada and designed in Toronto. Their entire collection is purposely animal free, and supports a compassionate lifestyle.

Veg Spring Market YoFiit

YoFiit |
Dairy-free milk substitutes with tons of nutrients like protein and omega 3’s. Their product is also filler-free and sugar-free!