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Stephanie Kittell – Cultivating a Compassionate Heart

Friday September 7, 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm | Miss Lou's Room | Yoga

Dear warriors of peace, the world needs your courageous heart! Let’s create space to tend to our own hearts, becoming better equipped to respond fearlessly and compassionately to the needs of our world. When you thrive, we all thrive! As we awaken and empower our inner activists together, we’ll explore yoga & mindfulness practices that nourish our hearts. Cultivating greater awareness, strength, resiliency & compassion. We’ll also explore how we can you carry these insights off the yoga mat, off the meditation cushion, and into the challenges of professional, relational & activist life. The practices we’ll share are trauma-informed, accessible for all practitioners, inclusive & rich with exploration. Honouring the ancient wisdoms, steeped in today’s modern experience. On the yoga mat. On the meditation cushion. And in community. For all we beings.