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Vegan Influencer Panel – Featuring: John Lewis of Bad Ass Vegan, Candice Hutchings of Edgy Veg, Maddie Lymburner, Anne-Marie Campbell of Meat Free Athlete, Lisa Le of The Viet Vegan and ZALE. Curated by: Avra Epstein of Vegan Social Events

Friday September 7, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm | South Common Tent | Special Presentation

Avra Epstein, creator of Vegan Social Events and lifestyle blogger at Love Wild Live Free, will bring together a panel of vegan influencers for an insightful conversation all about veganism in the world of social media. Panelists will include: renowned fitness expert and  public speaker John Lewis AKA Bad Ass Vegan, cookbook author and YouTuber Candice Hutchings of The Edgy Veg, social media influencer and YouTuber Maddie Lymburner, vegan athlete and animal rights activist Anne-Marie Campbell of Meat Free Athlete, blogger and YouTuber Lisa Le of The Viet Vegan, and award winning music producer ZALE. Topics include: effective vegan advocacy strategies for social media and trends within the growing online vegan community.