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Pamela Fergusson – Will I Lose Weight if I Go Vegan?

Sunday September 10, 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm | Studio Theatre | Speakers

Dr. Pamela Fergusson is a Registered Dietitian with a PhD in nutrition, and over 15 years of experience with changing lives through better nutrition. Along with her private practice in Kensington Market, Toronto, Fergusson lectures in nutrition at Ryerson University.

Are you thinking of going vegan for the weight loss? Health benefits? Or maybe you are already vegan, but you would like to be a healthier. Come to this session to learn how to maximize the benefits of being vegan, and why losing weight may not be the whole story.

Many people decide to follow a vegan diet for the health benefits, including weight loss. In this session Fergusson and Veg Food Fest attendees will explore why most vegans seem to realize those benefits easily, while others seem to struggle. Pamela Fergusson is a registered dietitian with a PhD in nutrition. She is in private practice in Toronto and she will share her experience, tips and advice from the research on: 
– how to maximize the physical and mental health benefits of a vegan diet; including weight loss (with a review of the evidence)
– why the research shows that focusing on health rather than weight loss might be the secret to success
– why going vegan is about much more than changing your diet (differentiating between a plant-based diet and being vegan)
– why it is ok to love and accept your body at every size, and why fat shaming is never ok – especially in the vegan community

For a preview of some of her go-to recipes and nutrition tips, visit her website, or check out her Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.