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Monique Koch – How to Make Vegan Life Practical for Families

Saturday September 9, 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm | Lakeside Terrace | Cooking Demo

Monique Koch

After being vegetarian for 2 years, Monique Koch became vegan in 2010 to protest factory farming and protect the environment. With a husband and three sons, many may have worried that their family wouldn’t support the transition, but Koch brought her family along for the journey and it has been amazing for their health, the planet and animals.

Koch will be presenting a cooking demonstration on how to make vegan life a practical and simple option for families.

During Koch’s demo, Veg Food Fest attendees will be treated to easy vegan lunch/dinner ideas that are flavorful, filling and family-friendly. She will share how her own family went from fast food to healthy vegan meals, a few tips on how to transition into vegan life with a family, and detail meal planning tips and how to save money on ingredients. Koch takes a practical approach to vegan life because she has an understanding of how difficult it can be for families to transition together. Her goal is to give her audience the confidence to get started on a vegan journey with their family.

Visit her website for blog posts and a preview of some of her tips on the transition into veganism with a family, or check out her Youtube channel, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for more yummy vegan deliciousness that the whole family can enjoy.