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Marco Pagliarulo – How a Plant-Based Diet Will Make You Sexier

Friday September 8, 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm | Miss Lou's Room | Workshop

Photo of Marco Pagliarulo

Marco Pagliarulo, M.Sc., is a biologist with a background in toxicology and ecology. A vegan for over 10 years, he is working on his first book encouraging compassion that children naturally have for animals, expected to be released in 2018.

A plant-based diet can make you more physically attractive in several ways, including the skin, body odour, and mood.

1) Skin. Eating colourful fruits and vegetables gives you an increased yellowish colouration – a normal healthy skin complexion – from carotenoid pigments depositing in the skin. Several studies have found carotenoid-coloured skin more attractive than paler skin or tanned skin among black, Asian, and Caucasian ethnicities. A plausible rationale is that healthy people are attractive and yellowish skin is an indicator of health. A plant-based diet prevents skin wrinkling too. People with high intakes of vegetables, fruits, nuts, and olive oil have less skin wrinkling, the opposite of those with high intakes of meat and dairy. Micronutrients therein protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays. Acne is also related to diet. People with higher consumption of fruits and vegetables have little or no acne. However, higher intakes of dairy (including skim milk) and sweets are associated with more acne. Dairy and high glycemic index foods (like sugar and white bread) increase blood levels of IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) which messes with your hormones and causes acne. Dermatologist Bodo Melnik has devised a cure: Decrease your intakes of sugar, fat, dairy, and animal proteins including meat – and increase your consumption of vegetables and fruit.

2) Mood: When you’re in high spirits, you not only convey how you feel, but you also indicate overall approachability. Happiness and pride have been found to be the most attractive emotional expressions in females and males, respectively. People eating whole foods report fewer symptoms of depression, and vegetarians report more positive moods than meat eaters. A dietary intervention study found that a low-fat plant-based diet improved indicators for depression, anxiety, and work productivity. Diet affects mood like this: Quercetin (found only in plants) acts as a natural antidepressant by inhibiting monoamine oxidase (MAO), thereby increasing the amount of brain neurotransmitters which regulate mood.[22]

3) Body Odour: Mammals use smell to assess the suitability of potential mates. Diet’s impact on scent has been tested in real life experiments. Women assessed the odours from men’s T-shirts. Men with higher fruit and vegetable intakes smelled better, more attractive, and more likable; other foods that improved men’s smell were eggs, tofu, oils and fats, and meat. I wouldn’t quite trust the meat result though. A similar study specifically investigated the effects of meat on body odour; the women found the odours of men on a non-meat diet to be significantly more sexually attractive, more pleasant, and less intense than the odours of meat-eating men. Although these tests were with women smelling male sweat, the attraction to pleasant smells is generally universal, so we can extrapolate the results to men smelling women and to same sex smelling.

The magic potion to improve your sex appeal on several fronts – your skin, your mood, and your smell – is a plant-based diet.