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Magdalena Kordiuk: Vegan Strength and Fitness – Busting Myths in the Fitness Industry and Empowerment Through Food Choices

Saturday September 7, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm | Miss Lou's Room | Speakers

Magdalena will be debunking myths as they pertain to the fitness industry, an industry rife with misinformation about nutrition, protein and fad diets as products and supplements (particularly animal proteins) are pushed onto consumers. As an example herself, she’ll share how it’s not only possible to build muscle and maintain a high level of fitness and athleticism while living a vegan lifestyle, but also how a whole-food plant-based diet is superior in reducing inflammation, reducing nutritional stress on the body, and increasing immune functions. As a woman in an industry with a long history of gender stereotyping, and an underrepresentation of women, Magz will show how fitness is an important vehicle for empowerment.

About Magdalena Kordiuk: Magdalena is a fitness coach, instructor and personal trainer who’s been working in the Toronto fitness industry for over ten years. Certified in plant-based nutrition and dedicated vegan she is passionate about bringing the benefits of a plant-based vegan lifestyle to her clients and beyond. Magz is also a member of Switch4good, a coalition of athletes spreading the word about the benefits of a dairy-free, plant-based lifestyle.