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Joshua Entis – The Compassion Tour: Becoming A Full-Time Activist

Saturday September 8, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm | Miss Lou's Room | Speakers

In August of 2017, I quit my job in the corporate world to become a full-time activist. As scary as it was, I was ready to leave everything behind and start my journey as a global activist.

This is when The Compassion Tour was founded: my 365-day journey around the world, raising awareness for the animals and strengthening the activist community. Currently, I have been traveling for 7 months, visiting 13 countries, attending over 100 animal rights demonstrations, hosting workshops, webinars, events, and one-on-one consulting calls.

This experience has taught me one important thing…that we need to be working together in order to get us closer to our end goal of total animal liberation.

I have met thousands of people since August, and everyone is working hard to get themselves to becoming a full-time activist…but, most find it very difficult. There are only a few full-timers out there, and my goal is to increase that number. We need everyone out there doing everything they can to help fight for the animals. My goal is to provide as much value to vegans and activists, in order to help strengthen and optimize their advocacy.