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Joanna Majoko Trio

Friday September 6, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm | Stage in the Round | Music

Joanna Majoko has been captivating audiences with her voice since the young age of 14. Growing up in Zimbabwe, Joanna Majoko was exposed to a rich practice of music and dance, participating in choirs, musicals, drum ensembles, and traditional dance groups. She later refined her practice, graduating with a degree in jazz studies from the University of Manitoba.

Majoko has worked with numerous accomplished recording artists, including Otis Brown III, Ulysess Owens Jr., David Clayton-Thomas and Jane Bunnett. In addition to her vocal achievements, Joanna is a passionate composer and arranger, achieving a unified and unmistakable sound characteristic of smooth syncopations, airy melodies, colourful rhythms, and a sophisticated harmonic palette.

She now calls Toronto home and continues to build a name for herself as a solo voice, both locally and internationally.