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Edith Barabash: Compassion Turned this Cattle Ranch into a Sanctuary

Sunday September 8, 2:45 pm to 3:45 pm | Studio Theatre | Speakers

In this talk, Edith Barabash will share the story of Farmhouse Garden Animal Home, which up until 3 years ago was a working cattle ranch run by a third-generation rancher. After spending lots of time with a calf who was just born, he realized how hypocritical it is for him to give so much love to these animals, only to slaughter them after a couple of years. Hear how a farmers heart overcame his habits and how he turned his ranch into a safe haven for animals of all kinds. The story of Farmhouse Garden Animal Home will show people that it is possible for even a cattle rancher to fall in love with animals!

About Edith Barbarash: Edith is the co-founder of Farmhouse Garden Animal Home. She is also a law student at Osgoode Hall Law School, where she is bridging the legal field with her experience advocating and caring for animals.