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Dr. Tushar Mehta – 2017 Vegan Diet, Medical Science, Rock and Roll!

Sunday September 10, 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm | Studio Theatre | Speakers

Photo of Tushar Mehta

Dr. Tushar Mehta is a physician in the GTA and an educator about the medical science supporting plant based nutrition. He also studies and lectures about the of animal agriculture on the environment and global food security.

This lecture will cover how medical and nutritional science supports plant based diets to prevent important chronic diseases.

1) how is medical and nutritional science conducted, what what is a good study

2) what are the major disease that have evidence of benefit from plant based diet

3) Practical tips on how to optimize your plant based diet

4) Busting some myths and addressing controversies about a plant based diet

The talk should cover 95% of everything one needs to know about plant based diet and health in a single lecture!