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Camille Labchuk – Whales, Sharks & the Canada Food Guide: Celebrating Incredible New Animal Protection Laws & Policies in Canada

Friday September 6, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm | Studio Theatre | Speakers

It was a landmark year for animals in Canada! In June, Parliament passed groundbreaking legislation outlawing whale & dolphin captivity, the shark fin trade, and cracking down on animal fighting & sexual abuse. Remarkably, this was the first significant new animal legislation to pass in Parliament since the 1800s. Until now, animal use industries had successfully killed virtually every attempt to improve Canada’s laws. Also in 2019, the government released the new Canada Food Guide, which emphasizes the importance of eating plant-based foods, and eliminates dairy as a separate food group.

These new laws and policies are a watershed moment in the fight to bring Canada’s animal protection laws in line with societal values, but there’s still a long way to go. Most animal use in Canada is still unregulated, allowing cruelty and suffering to flourish on farms, in laboratories, in the fashion industry, and in zoos, aquariums, and circuses.

Lawyer Camille Labchuk will provide a behind-the-scenes perspective on what it took to pass these new laws, the crucial role played by animal advocates, how to combat deep-pocketed lobbyists paid by the farming and fur industries, and how we can all keep the momentum going to usher in even stronger laws and policies to protect animals.