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Daniel Sennet: From Show to Store – Growing Your Business into Retail

Saturday September 7, 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm | Miss Lou's Room | Speakers

Growing a food business can be extremely challenging. The pathways and pitfalls are too many to count, but it’s possible. Anything’s possible. Hear Bald Baker’s journey from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur and after 2.5 years, how the retail world is starting to open up. If you’re looking to start a food business, hear some of the more significant obstacles you may face and some strategies to overcome them on your way to success.

About Dan Sennet: Baking with his grandmother was one of Dan’s early joys in life. Later on, Dan left his finance career in NYC to start Bald Baker by building on what his Bubbe taught him: put smiles on peoples faces by offering something delicious; something to reconnect you with life’s simple joys.