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Cori Giannotta Trio

Saturday September 7, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm | Stage in the Round | Music

Born in Toronto, Cori Giannotta has been heavily involved in the city’s tap dance scene for the past 7 years teaching, performing and producing. She’s had the opportunity to teach at the Toronto Rhythm Initiative’s youth intensive, Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival, and MOVE Dance Convention, to name a few. Performing credits include Lisa LaTouche’s Warrior at the Toronto Choreographer’s Ball, the 2014 Toronto Body Percussion Festival, the Big Band Tap Revue with the Toronto Jazz Orchestra, The Whole Shebang: Taken By Night, Dance Ontario, and the Toronto International Tap Dance Festival, produced by Toffan Rhythm Projects. In 2015, Cori established her tap dance company, Rhythm & Sound, alongside Johnathan Morin. The company has annual performances in Toronto, presenting their fifth-anniversary show, “[Cinq]opation” this September; it has been presented in Edmonton at the Feats Festival of Dance in 2017, and has been featured in several Festivals. Cori is excited to be playing alongside Kristian Fourier and Leighton Harrell for the Vegetarian Food Festival!