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Bryonie Wise – The Practice of Kindness

Friday September 8, 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm | Miss Lou's Room | Workshop

Photo of Bryonie Wise

Bryonie Wise is an artist, heart worker and yoga teacher. Her life is rooted in the belief that when we come from a place of love, anything is possible. Bryonie’s practice of living has taught her how essential movement, breath and creativity are for the healing of our tender hearts.

There is so much forgetting in our fast-paced world—we forget who we are, where we came from and most of all, we forget how deeply inter-connected we are as beings that share the same Earth, same Sky, same Moon and the many shapes water takes around the world. In this hour-long workshop, using a mix of conversation, meditation and writing exercises, we’ll explore ahimsa, the principal of non-violence towards all beings, ourselves included.