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The Bearded Vegans Live Podcast Taping: Veganism Is Not About Vegans

Saturday September 9, 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm | Studio Theatre | Special Presentation

Photo of the Bearded Vegans

The Bearded Vegans is a weekly podcast featuring an often humorous dissection of all things vegan with a strong focus on improving our vegan advocacy efforts, issues within the vegan community and exploring the ethical gray areas of veganism.

In this live podcast event, based off the experience of engaging in over ten thousand one on one conversations with non-vegans, The Bearded Vegans will be discussing an important framework for how to best advocate for animals, participate in productive discussions and ultimately make more vegans. Key points include learning when to shut up and listen (hint, that’s most of the time). The importance of self reflection and being able to self-critique to adjust our advocacy to be the most beneficial to animals and the planet, and the importance of remaining inclusive in our advocacy by acknowledging the experience of others and showing empathy for non-vegans. All of this is wrapped up in a package of humorous long form conversation, ideally with another guest or two that reflect different backgrounds than the hosts. After initial discussion, the floor is opened up to the audience to allow questions to further propel the conversation.