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Adam Chaim: From Illness to Ironman

Sunday September 8, 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm | Miss Lou's Room | Speakers

Adam shares his story from a standard American diet and illnesses to a thriving plant-based lifestyle. Join Adam as he tells his story of how a tumor found by accident and a terrifying prognosis helped him find a plant-based lifestyle, heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. This gave him the inspiration to take on new tasks in his life he had never deemed imaginable.

About Adam Chaim: Adam Chaim is the co-host of The Plant Trainers Podcast, a plant-based nutrition/fitness coach with over 25 years experience and founder of the Vegan Podcast Academy. After a major wake-up call, he adopted a plant-based lifestyle and now thrives in all aspects of life. Adam is a 2X Ironman triathlete and has completed several marathons and ultras