Applications for the 2015 Veg Food Fest are now open!
If you want to talk, present, perform, host a workshop, moderate a panel, or otherwise be involved with the Veg Food Fest, please click here to fill out our application form.

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Application Guidelines:

Provide us with accurate contact information.
We will need to let you know about deliverables (such as your slides) and event details. Email is our primary contact channel. Please provide an email address that you check regularly where we can reach you.
Respond to emails in a timely way.
If we get in touch with you, please respond promptly. There is a lot to do to stage the Vegetarian Food Festival, and we simply do not have the resources to chase down unresponsive presenters. In return, we’ll respond to you in a timely way as well.
Meet pre-Veg Food Fest milestones in a timely way.
We won’t ask for much, but when we ask you to provide something by a particular date, like your presentation slides, please do that. Putting the Veg Food Fest together is a lot of work, and the volunteers and staff who do such a great job have other commitments to juggle, too. In return, we’ll treat your interest in doing a talk at the Veg Food Fest seriously, and we’ll do our best to answer all questions, keep you informed as we make decisions, and reach various milestones.
Be committed
Take your commitment to present seriously. We understand that unforeseen emergencies do happen, or you might just decide that speaking or performing at the Veg Food Fest isn’t for you. If you decide that you can’t speak, please try to make that decision and let us know sooner rather than later. There are many people who want to speak and perform, and we don’t want to hold presenter for people who aren’t committed to the event. If you’re still interested in speaking and had to cancel for an emergency, we may be able to add you to the schedule for a future Veg Food Fest, but if you leave us scrambling to fill your spot, you’re not going to be high on our priority list. In return, we’ll provide as much support as is practical for us, including links to resources, a workshop, and answers to your questions. We want you to succeed!
Our Selection Process

Our presenter selection process is more art than science. Here are some of the things that we consider. Think of them as guidelines rather than rules.

What we look for
  • Diversity of topics for each event.
  • Originality of topics (i.e. have we heard about it before?)
  • Commitment and preparation of the presenter.
  • Potential interest of the topic to audience.
  • Passion and/or expertise of presenter.
  • Attendance at our presenter workshop.
Try to avoid
  • Applicant has presented at the Vegetarian Food Festival before.
  • Applicant does not live in the GTA (unfortunately we can only afford to fly in a few speakers each year).
  • Application was really unfocused/unclear. (We will often try to work with people to better clarify and organize a topic, but it doesn’t always work.)
  • Application was pitchy. (We avoid presentation topics that are self-serving, i.e. promoting a person, business, etc.)
  • Proposed topic or full presentation is not original. (We do not select applications for presentations that people have clearly given many times or presented professionally.)
  • Applicant applied after the presenters were already selected for the next event.
  • Proposed topic was too similar to that of another selected presenter.
  • Proposed topic was deemed not to be of broad audience appeal.
If you have questions about presenting, please send us an email at vegfoodfest@veg.ca
Please note: the presenter selection committee does not keep past applications on file, so if your application was not selected for the current year’s festival, feel free to apply to present at a future Veg Food Fest, either on a new topic, or with an edited version of the topic you previously proposed.