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When and Where Is Veg Food Fest?

Veg Food Fest is held in Toronto at Harbourfront Centre, and will be on: 
Friday, September 6th from 4pm to 9pm
Saturday, September 7th from 12pm to 9pm
Sunday, September 8th from 12pm to 7pm

Who Hosts Veg Food Fest?

Veg Food Fest is hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association (a Toronto-based non-profit) and in partnership with Harbourfront Centre. Founded in 1945, the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) aims to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle. We promote the benefits of vegetarian diets and support those who choose to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products by providing resources and a friendly community. You can become a member of the TVA, here.

How Large Is Veg Food Fest?

This year, Veg Food Fest will be celebrating its 35th birthday!  Harbourfront Centre estimated that last year, a whopping 40,000 people came out to enjoy Veg Food Fest and its over 50 hours of programming!  Through the years, Veg Food Fest has grown in size including space, number of vendors, and hours of programming.  We look forward to making this year’s extra special!

Is Veg Food Fest Family Friendly?

Of course! Bring kids, grandparents, partners, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends – the more the merrier!

Can I Bring My Dog?

Dogs are welcome to visit Veg Food Fest too!  Please not that pets are permitted on Harbourfront Centre’s outdoor spaces only.

I Don't Follow a Plant-Based Diet - Can I Still Come?

Yes, please do!  Veg Food Fest celebrates discovering more about the plant-based world and tasting the amazing food our vendors are showcasing.  Bring your curiosity, and try living life on the veg!

Is There Parking?

Harbourfront Centre has three lots available along Queen Quay. For pricing and lot locations, please visit the Harbourfront Centre’s website.

How Do I Get Involved With the Toronto Vegetarian Association?

Learn about the different ways you can support the Toronto Vegetarian Association, right here.  Becoming a members of the TVA includes perks like receiving a Toronto Veg Card giving you access to discounts at veg-friendly restaurants and stores, a subscription to our quarterly newsletter, and invites to exclusive members-only events!

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Where Can I Share My Feedback About the Past Veg Food Fest?

Thank you for checking out the Festival! We love to hear your feedback to make future Veg Food Fests even better.
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