Looking to exhibit your food, product, book, DVDs or whatever else you’ve made to over 50,000 people?We are a volunteer-driven organization that produces the largest event of its kind in North America. We’re devoted to showcasing the best of the vegetarian world, we pride ourselves in including businesses large and small in our festival.
Exhibitor Applications for Veg Food Fest 2015 are now open.

Becoming an Exhibitor in only 7 Steps

Step 1: Join our mailing list for exhibitors and sponsor updates.
Step 2: Review the vegan exhibitor policy and ensure you’re a good fit for our festival.
Step 3: Choose your booth space and see what else is involved in the application process!
Step 4: Review sponsorship opportunities — it’s the only way to get Priority Space Placement.
Step 5: Fill out an exhibitor application.
Step 6: Order any tables, chairs, or other booth equipment from Stronco.
Step 7: Review the Exhibitor Manual, Logistics Package and Public Health Information.

exhibitor policies

All items being sold, sampled, promoted, or displayed (including video or photographic depictions) must be vegan. “Vegan” means free from animal products, including but not limited to meat (including aquatic animals and birds), dairy, eggs, honey, products that have been tested on animals, textiles made from animal fibres, animals used in entertainment, and animals bred for sale. The TVA reserves the right to order any items or depictions of items to be removed from the event premises if they are not readily identifiable as vegan. Books and educational materials that support TVA’s mission may be exempt from this policy, on a case-by-case basis.
Supporting literature (e.g. brochures, recipes, product packaging or inserts) may not promote, display or advocate any non-vegetarian item. Exhibitors must ensure all recipes to be distributed at TVA events or printed on any product packaging do not call for non-vegetarian ingredients. Images of non-vegetarian items on product packaging for vegetarian items (e.g. seasonings, spice mixes, etc.) are not permitted. TVA and event partners reserve the right to remove any signage deemed unsuitable.
Exhibitors must confine their activities to their allotted exhibit space and may not solicit beyond these boundaries. Each allotted space is clearly defined by the venue floor plans. Height restrictions also apply. Neither the exhibitor nor its representatives are permitted to “roam” the event venue for the purpose of procuring or conducting business. All signage is to remain in the exhibitor’s booth. TVA reserves the right to remove any signage and/or materials and person(s) deemed beyond exhibitor booth limits.
TVA reserves the right to restrict all vendors to a maximum noise level.
TVA and event partners reserve the right to restrict the display of any graphic video footage such as animal slaughter, unless otherwise authorized by Toronto Vegetarian Association.

Exclusivity Restrictions

*PLEASE NOTE* – NO beverages (water, coffee, tea, etc), waffles, pancakes or French fries are permitted to be sold at the Vegetarian Food Festival, only approved menu items.
*PLEASE NOTE* – There are exclusivity rights on the sale of the following items: Books, T-shirts, DVDs and CDs. An additional waiver fee of $40 will be charged to those vendors who wish to sell the mentioned items.

Choosing and applying for your space

Exhibitor Space Maps and Pricing
Click on the locations below for more detailed maps, or view a birds eye view map here!
Lake View Marketplace

Once you submit your application form, you will receive a confirmation email that will let you know that we have received your application. Once we calculate the HST charge and adjust for any discounts you are eligible for, we will send you an invoice with the adjusted price. Please note that we only require payment once we have notified you of your participation in the festival. You can apply using our single application and exhibitor contract here: Apply Now!
Approval Process
Participation in the festival is conditional on approval by TVA based on eligibility and subject to availability. TVA reserves the right to refuse any application, without liability.
Charitable Status
Non-profits and charities with registered charitable status can receive $300 off their booth space (Interior Lake View Marketplace and Boulevard Tent only). Charities are also supplied with one 8′ or 6′ table and two chairs.

Planning information and logistics

Exhibitor Manual
We recommend getting familiar with the exhibitor manual. It lets you know what to expect from us and what we expect from you during the festival weekend! You can access the 2015 Exhibitor Manual here.
Tables, Chairs, and Other items Ordering
Tables, chairs, and other space decoration are not provided over the weekend (sponsors excluded). If you need tables, chairs, and other equipment please get in touch with us and we will connect you to our rentals provider.
Freezer and Refrigerator Storage
Freezer and refrigerator storage is not provided over the weekend. Please contact us at festival@veg.ca if you would like to be connected with a supplier.
Public Health Information
If you are sampling or serving food over the weekend at the festival, you must complete forms to be submitted to us, for Public Health. You can access the form here.
Please email completed forms to festival@veg.ca by July 31st.