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Veg Food Fest Application FAQs

Veg Food Fest Sign

When will Veg Food Fest applications be opening? When will I hear back once I've submitted an application?

Applications will be opening in the new year. Add yourself to our notification list so we can let you know when it goes out!

After applications open up, they will be processed on a rolling basis.  If you don’t hear back about your application right away, please keep in mind that we will also be gearing up for the Veg Spring Market around this time!

Why is there a 15 AMPs limit per circuit? And why do some areas have more access to electricity than others?

We’re very lucky that the majority of Veg Food Fest is outdoors, but it does mean that electricity is limited to the number of circuits available and the areas that they are located on-site.  The electrical infrastructure is pre-determined, which is why the location and maximum capacity per circuit has a maximum capacity of 15 AMPs.  This means that the appliance(s) you use on a circuit cannot reach or surpass 15 AMPs.  Here are some examples to help more accurately complete your electrical request:

• A blender and a cellphone charger with a combined amperage under 15 AMPs can be operated on one circuit

• A blender, a hot plate, and a cellphone charger would very likely exceed a combined amperage of 15 AMPs and would require two circuits

Using appliances with a combined amperage under 15 AMPs per circuit will ensure a smooth Festival experience.  Overloaded circuits do require servicing, and will impact your and some surrounding vendor’s electrical access.

Things that we consider when confirming electrical requests with the Harbourfront Centre team are; the number of circuits requested, past electrical infractions, and the availability of circuits.

Can I choose my booth space?

If you’re a Sponsor of Veg Food Fest, then yes!  If you’re interested to join us as a Sponsor, you can take a look at the opportunities in our Sponsorship Prospectus.

Here are a couple of reasons why we’re unable to grant specific booth requests to applicants:

• Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes: We’re all about trying new things and are always exploring how to make Veg Food Fest even bigger and better than the last.  Welcoming new first-time vendors and embracing different floor plans keep Veg Food Fest fresh and fabulous!

• Working With Wiggle Room: As much as we would love to accept all applications to Veg Food Fest, we don’t have enough space for each to call their own.  Recognizing Sponsorship agreements, site logistics, date of application submission, and electrical, location, and corner requests are other factors that impact the final floor plan. 

• A Juggling Act: We want to make sure that every vendor is more than just “rad-ish”!  Accepting requests where it’s possible is where we start, and offering solutions to those we can’t is our next point of action.  Changes to the floor plan do create a domino effect – something that always needs to be considered when we’re looking at different solutions!


Do all booths come with a tent?

All outdoor booth locations are covered by tents! This is what some of them look like:

Can I share a booth space with someone who is already a vendor?

Everyone who would like to be a vendor at Veg Food Fest is required to submit an application.  In fairness to other applicants, we cannot grant a shared vending space with an already approved vendor without both applications being approved.

If you are interested in sharing a vending space with someone, be sure that it is clearly stated in your and your prospective booth-mate’s applications.

Am I able to sell products that aren't plant-based?

Nope – everything sold, promoted, and included on signage at Veg Food Fest must be plant-based!  This means that they do not include or represent animal or animal by-products.

Be sure to review the Vegan Policy on the first page of the application to determine if your product(s)/service(s) are appropriate for Veg Food Fest.

What can I do to make sure that I am part of Veg Food Fest?

Applications for Veg Food Fest do exceed the space the we have available, so here are a couple of factors we take into account when approving vendors:

• Fully Completed Application

• Date of Application

• Location and Electrical Needs

• Product(s) and/or Services

• Alignment with Veg Food Fest and the Toronto Vegetarian Association‘s mission

You could also consider joining Veg Food Fest as a Sponsor!  One of the marketing opportunities offered to Sponsors of Veg Food Fest includes being a vendor at the Festival.

I've got some more questions - who can I ask?

Give us a call at 416-544-9800 or email festival.tva@gmail.com and we’ll do our best to get the A’s to your Q’s!