World Café
King's Café World Café Food Vendor
Boon Burger World Café Food Vendor
Chic Peas Veg World Café Food Vendor
Doug McNish World Café Food Vendor
Green Zebra Kitchen World Café Food Vendor
Through Being Cool World Café Food Vendor

Brigantine Room & Tent
Cha's Organics Brigantine Room Packaged Foods
Daiya Foods Brigantine Room Packaged Foods
Earth Island Brigantine Room Packaged Foods
The Green Beaver Company Brigantine Room Health & Beauty
The Healthy Crunch Company Brigantine Room Sweets & Snacks
Institute of Holistic Nutrition Brigantine Room Healthy Living
Oat & Mill Brigantine Room Sweets & Snacks
Prana Brigantine Room Sweets & Snacks
Tonica Kombucha Brigantine Room Refreshments
The Tofurky Company Brigantine Room Packaged Foods
Truth Brigantine Room Clothing & Accessories
Veggemo Brigantine Room Packaged Foods
Vitamix Brigantine Room Kitchen Equipment
crate 61 organics Brigantine Tent Health & Beauty
CEDAR Juice Brigantine Tent Refreshments
GUSTA Foods Brigantine Tent Artisan Foods
Nature's Source Brigantine Tent Sweets & Snacks
Nongshim Brigantine Tent Packaged Foods
Parka Brigantine Tent Food Vendor
Sunflower Kitchen Brigantine Tent Packaged Foods
Yupik Brigantine Tent Sweets & Snacks

East Side: Ontario Square &
North Exhibition Common
Indie88 Ontario Square Books & Media
BEETxBEET LLC Ontario Square Clothing & Accessories
Cosmic Treats Ontario Square Food Vendor
Ecoideas Ontario Square Natural Foods
Genuine Health Ontario Square Healthy Living
The Jewelry Box by SJB Ontario Square Clothing & Accessories
Living Chocolate Ontario Square Sweets & Snacks
Lemon Lily Organic Tea Ontario Square Refreshments
Mercy for Animals Ontario Square Non-profit
Nuts for Cheese Ontario Square Artisan Foods
Papabubble Ontario Square Sweets & Snacks
Peachy Keen Pets Ontario Square Clothing & Accessories
Rivi's Guilt Free Cookies Ontario Square Sweets & Snacks
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Ontario Square Non-profit
Styrian Gold Ontario Square For the Pantry
Sugar Ridge Retreat Centre Ontario Square Healthy Living
Toronto Vegetarian Food Bank Ontario Square Non-profit
Vecado Pet Foods Ontario Square For the Pantry
Veg Food Fest Merch Booth Ontario Square Clothing & Accessories
Whole Health Ontario Square Healthy Living
Annex Cat Rescue North Ex Non-profit
D-Beatstro North Ex Food Vendor
Epoch Times North Ex Books & Media
Genuine Health North Ex Healthy Living
Global March for Elephants & Rhinos North Ex Non-profit
Isha Foundation North Ex Non-profit
Matcha Ninja North Ex Refreshments
Mettrum Originals North Ex Natural Foods
Sobeys North Ex Sweets & Snacks
Sweet Hart Kitchen North Ex Sweets & Snacks
Sympathy at Slaughter North Ex Non-profit
Tropic Love Concessions North Ex Refreshments
White Gold Sweets North Ex Sweets & Snacks

Lakeview Market
7-Day Veggie Challenge Lakeview Market Healthy Living
Animal Justice Lakeview Market Non-profit
ARK II - Animal Rights Kollective Lakeview Market Non-profit
Avocados from Mexico Lakeview Market Natural Foods
Bloomer's Lakeview Market Baked Goods
Bring Home the Vegan Lakeview Market Misc
Bunner's Lakeview Market Baked Goods
Chiropractic and Naturopathic Clinic Lakeview Market Healthy Living
Compassion for Animals Lakeview Market Non-profit
Direct Action Everywhere Lakeview Market Non-profit
Fauxmagerie Zengarry Lakeview Market Artisan Foods
The Field Roast Company Lakeview Market Packaged Foods
Flaxy Inc. Lakeview Market Packaged Foods
Fresh City Farms Lakeview Market Non-profit
Giddy Yoyo Lakeview Market Sweets & Snacks
Good Food For Good Lakeview Market Food Vendor
Govinda's Lakeview Market Food Vendor
Holly's Hope Lakeview Market Non-profit
Ipanema Valley Lakeview Market Sweets & Snacks
iSOLA Jewelry Lakeview Market Clothing & Accessories
Indian Masala Lakeview Market Food Vendor
Ital Vital Lakeview Market Food Vendor
Mammoth Outerwear Lakeview Market Clothing & Accessories
Maximum Booty Lakeview Market Healthy Living
Meditation Toronto Lakeview Market Healthy Living
Nanashake Lakeview Market Sweets & Snacks
Natura Foods Lakeview Market Packaged Foods
Nelakee Lakeview Market Packaged Foods
Niagara Action for Animals Lakeview Market Non-profit
Nice Shoes Lakeview Market Clothing & Accessories
Ozery Bakery Lakeview Market Baked Goods
Sade Baron Lakeview Market Health & Beauty
Sick On Sin Lakeview Market Clothing & Accessories
SimplyProtein Lakeview Market Sweets & Snacks
So Delicious Dairy Free Lakeview Market Packaged Foods
Sol Cuisine Lakeview Market Packaged Foods
Spiritual Life Centre Lakeview Market Healthy Living
Sweets From The Earth Lakeview Market Baked Goods
Tibetan Paper & Handicraft Lakeview Market Clothing & Accessories
Titanium Exclusive Cookware Lakeview Market Kitchen Equipment
Tofutown North America Lakeview Market Packaged Foods
Top Nutritionals Lakeview Market Healthy Living
Tori's Bakeshop Lakeview Market Baked Goods
Toronto Cat Rescue Lakeview Market Non-profit
Toronto Pig Save / The Save Movement Lakeview Market Non-profit
Two Bears Cold Brew Lakeview Market Refreshments
Unbaked Cake Co Lakeview Market Sweets & Snacks
Upbeet Foods Lakeview Market Healthy Living
Vital-Life Vegan Restaurant Lakeview Market Food Vendor
VSI Potato Cutters Lakeview Market Food Vendor
Whole Foods Market Lakeview Market Natural Foods
Wishing Well Sanctuary Lakeview Market Non-profit
Wood & Water Foods Lakeview Market Artisan Foods
YamChops Vegetarian Butcher
& Prepared Foods
Lakeview Market Food Vendor
YOSO Lakeview Market Packaged Foods

Boulevard Tent, South Lawn
& Food Trucks
Apiecalypse Now! Boulevard Tent Food Vendor
Bodylogix Lakeview South Lawn Healthy Living
Bute Island Foods Lakeview South Lawn Artisan Foods
Chocosol Traders Lakeview South Lawn Sweets & Snacks
Henna4You Lakeview South Lawn Health & Beauty
Humane Society International Canada Lakeview South Lawn Non-profit
Rescue Dogs Lakeview South Lawn Food Vendor
Rosedale Wellness Centre Lakeview South Lawn Healthy Living
Soup Girl Lakeview South Lawn For the Pantry
Veg Food Fest Kids Area Lakeview South Lawn Activities
Young Living Lakeview South Lawn For the Pantry
Mami's Authentic Spices Food Truck Food Vendor
The Portobello Burger Food Truck Food Vendor
Sweet Teeth Food Truck Food Vendor

Garage Bays
Acropolis Organics Garage Bays For the Pantry
Arbonne International Garage Bays Health & Beauty
Food for Life Garage Bays Baked Goods
HomeFree Garage Bays Sweets & Snacks
King's Cafe Garage Bays Food Vendor
MNR Distributors Garage Bays Packaged Foods
North Toronto Cat Rescue Garage Bays Non-profit
Toronto Vegetarian Association Garage Bays Non-profit

Marilyn Brewer Community Space
The Cinnamon Leaf Marilyn Brewer Natural Foods
The Edge Marilyn Brewer Natural Foods
Fitzys Chocolate Marilyn Brewer Sweets & Snacks
Guerrilla WearFare Marilyn Brewer Clothing & Accessories
HandSac Marilyn Brewer Clothing & Accessories
Healthy Genie Marilyn Brewer Sweets & Snacks
Inner-J Raw Natural Energy Marilyn Brewer Sweets & Snacks
Living Farmacy Marilyn Brewer Food Vendor
Sister River Foods Marilyn Brewer For the Pantry
Sudsatorium Marilyn Brewer Health & Beauty
The Supreme Master Ching Hai
Meditation Association of Ontario
Marilyn Brewer Non-profit
Toronto Vegetarian Bookstore Marilyn Brewer Books & Media